You may have noticed that I am focussing more on the power of supplementation and I love USANA Health Sciences products.

I believe in these products so much that I offer a professional holistic health consultation as a bonus!

Nancy Crites: supplementation for inflammation

I have found in my 16 years of clinical experience that getting a simple, clean and individualized supplement protocol can take you into a much higher level of healing.

It is easy and affordable and you will get results!

I offer bonus consultations to anyone wanting to create a lifetime of healthy living.

Did you know that you can eat a healthy diet, practice meditation, qigong, and exercise, and although these are all super important, there is one thing that brings it all together. You will be radiant, happy, healthy and loving life. Everyone needs to control free radical damage, it is serious business. Chronic inflammation is what causes today’s epidemic of serious degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia and more! When the inflammation is not controlled, it turns into chronic degenerative disease and cause you a lot of misery. BUT you don’t need to suffer, you can create Radiant Health and Joy!

It’s so simple it’s amazing!

In fact, I am coaching a 28 Days Be Radiant Program that’s super simple. This program will help you create a lifestyle change for life!

And my personalized for you professional coaching is a bonus!

Here’s the link: 28 Day Be Radiant Program